Once upon a time there was a butterfly, 

A deep blue butterfly that flew miles and miles 

Across fields of flowers, 

Over oceans and rivers,

Big cities and small towns. 

After traveling for so long 

The blue butterfly felt exhausted 

And couldn’t move her wings any longer. 

So she started falling and falling,

Down, down, to the ground,

First slowly and then fast

The butterfly was falling to the ground.

Just then a kite that was floating by 

Saw the butterfly falling 

And got closer to help her land

First on his soft paper,

And then on the green grass. 

The kite found the shade of an old fig tree

To leave the butterfly to rest,

And he waited and waited and waited 

And waited, patiently waited one day, 

Two days, even three days 

And three nights. 

Then one day, when a warm breeze blew around the fig tree, 

The kite soared again into the sky,

Floating and flying  

And flying and floating, 

Among birds, fairies and ladybugs.  

And yet another day, one sunny morning of spring, 

The kite flew back to the old fig tree

Looking for the deep blue butterfly. 

Instead of the butterfly

He found the most beautiful blue rose 

Blooming in the shade,

Under the fig tree,

On the green grass. 

Every spring the kite went to the same place

To see the blue rose growing, 

Looking for the kite,

Filling the air with a sweet fragrance 

That made birds and ladybugs

And so many more butterflies

Come around and soared to the clouds,

Up high and higher up,

To fly always together with the saving kite.