Courage Is For Caterpillar, Brave Is For Bunny

Courage Is For Caterpillar, Brave Is For Bunny

A very little, puffy bunny stood still under the shadow of an apple tree, overlooking the field of crops in the distance. Carrots, green leaf lettuces, acorn-squash with big yellow flowers, fragrant celery and purple eggplants: everything looked delicious and beautiful but still the field looked so wide, unexplored and dangerous. The little bunny didn’t believe he was able to go through the crops with his small feet and slow hopping.

Suddenly a caterpillar, slowly crawling down the branch of the apple tree, stood by his side. The bunny looked at the caterpillar and the caterpillar looked at the bunny. Then, slowly and gently, the caterpillar came closer to the bunny and said:
“I have been there”.

“To the field of delicious crops?” asked the bunny.
“Yes, I have been there,” said the caterpillar.
“You were not scared?” asked the bunny.
“You can go there,” said the caterpillar munching on an apple that had just fallen from the tree.
“No I can’t,” said the bunny and a little tiny tear rolled down his fairy soft chick.
The caterpillar, who was almost half way through the apple, stopped eating and came closer to
the bunny: “I’ll show you the way, you just have to follow your own steps, one hop at a time.”

It was probably the most words that wise caterpillar had ever said, and he wan’t sure they were going to make any difference in how the bunny was feeling. But he knew what to do. So he started crawling to the field of delicious crops, and when he had reached the carrots, he stopped and waited. The bunny was looking from the distance under the apple tree. When he saw that the caterpillar stopped, he looked to one side and the other and finally gave a hop. And soon another hop and then one more and so on. “Hop, hop, hop, and don’t stop,” thought the bunny.

And the bunny ate a bite of carrot and when he looked up, the caterpillar was already by the lettuces. So the bunny hopped towards the lettuces and ate some fresh green leaves. The caterpillar was eating fast and soon he was far away again, almost where the acorn-squash grew and bloomed with beautiful flowers. Together, caterpillar and bunny, one leading and the other one following, ate through the rest of the crops.

After the minty celery stems and the meaty eggplant, they were very full and both wishing to take a nap. They found the shade of a willow tree by a stream and both lay down.
“I will sleep now,” said the caterpillar.
“I will too,” said the bunny, “Thank you for helping me, your courage showed me I had to take one hop after the other and I finally made it”
“Brave bunny, you keep leaping forward,” said the caterpillar closing his eyes.

They had probably slept for a while because the bunny opened his eyes and the sun had gone down. He sat up to look for the caterpillar, and in the same place where the caterpillar had fallen asleep he found a perfectly shinny cocoon. It was getting dark, so he decided to wait by the side of the cocoon until the morning. All night the bunny waited and waited, looking at that cocoon that wrapped the caterpillar. It looked so peaceful, and yet the bunny wondered if he would have to help the caterpillar get out of it in the morning. So he waited more, long hours watching stars twinkling in the night sky.

At dawn, the bunny rubbed his eyes and ears with his little paws and watched how the cocoon moved a little, tiny little shakes and twists. Very slowly it cracked open to let the wings of a blue butterfly come out and spread like the flowers blooming in the field. The butterfly stood in front of the bunny and then, suddenly, as if only a whisper, soared to the bright morning sky.

“Goodbye,” said the bunny. And he went back home, one hop at a time.