The Kidness is about ess recognizing that children need our presence as much as our teachings. This means sharing time and space: actively participating on building trust and strong relationships.

How do we foster the development of a kinetic approach — rather than just a mental approach — to creating? The Kidness is a set of tools for learning to be thoughtful and insightful through observation and critical thinking.

In life, we get tired We get lost in daily habits and cycles. From waking up and running out, to coming back home and rushing to prepare dinner to keeping up with a routine of bath and bedtime. We get tangled in to-do’s and we forget how important it is to be present. This is The Kidness: sharing authentic sensitization through intention and kinesthetics. We reveal the self. We evaluate, resolve and act in a constructive way.

The Kidness program was brought into being for parents and caretakers to play with children between the ages of three and seven years old. We like to use the word “play” because we integrate every part of exploring ourselves individually and our togetherness. We will move, listen, taste, read, search, breathe, meditate and create.

As an initial offering, The Kidness Program is seven 20-minute sessions that you can organize according to personal schedules, holidays, school hours and weekends. Each one of the sessions has a 2-minute intro video to layout the ideas and tools for each Kidness Together. The program is flexible enough so parents and caretakers can decide when, how frequent and where, to work-play the sessions.

When we dance, we discover ways to understand our body, our own emotions and the feelings that we perceive from the world around us. We create movement as the most primary form of expression. As parents and caregivers, we need to guide children’s abilities to articulate their bodies. Working together, we can learn to express physically and rhythmically with ease.

The introduction to The Kidness incorporates universal dance vocabulary, techniques from around the world (Classical, Alexander, Feldenkrais, Isadora Duncan, Yoga), body and mind interconnectivity, and tailoring movement as a unified artistic experience. The program brings on the use of props, visual art expressions (such as video, photography and painting), storytelling and music, integrating concepts that define the kinesthetic experience. The Kidness is also nutrition: food and habits about eating. It’s all about training our bodies and minds, through practice and play, tracing a space for conscious living.

Children between 3 and 7 years of age need whole body activities to emphasize large muscle groups (legs and torso). This brings about confidence to move and to communicate. We need to encourage movement safely, with purpose, increasing motor coordination and expression. We shall learn how to move without making noise and without running into others, aiming to develop the importance of isolating body parts. The program offers activities to play with contrasting feelings, the stop and start in cue, weight transfer and balance, changing directions and levels to emphasize coordination and ultimately learning acceptance. Above all, we want to have fun!

That’s why The Kidness supports and encourages improvisation, using simple structures, reviewing and repeating exercises as we progress in the know-how of the program. The Kidness can be used after school, weekends, holidays and whenever you need to recharge and cleanse your thoughts to connect with your family.
We offer a 5-to-7 day program with 20 minute sessions, an intro video and a 2-minute intro videos per session. It’s easy, it’s flexible, it’s effective.

The goal of the program is to learn how to provide a safe and encouraging space to explore healthy habits with our kids, communicating with acceptance and compassion.

The program covers creative movement – using imagery and music-, art -through observation and hands on, working on a collage-, reading and listening comprehension-using stories and the construction of a musical instrument-, meditation -building our own breathing tool-, and nutrition -preparing the lunch bag inspired by a conscious approach to food.

Once you have completed the seven sessions, you will start to assess what kind of learner your child is and what activities you both enjoy. Thus, you will be able to repeat the sessions accordingly, adding more activities, new alternatives, choosing options, changing props, all of which will be updated with new suggestions and ideas on the The Kidness blog.

We are all growing, and learning how to enable our self-power and creativity. Come with us to open a space that allows the exploration of ideas and the invention of solutions, honoring the parent-child relationships. The Kidness encourages confidence and joy in kids.

And confident, happy kids are confident, happy parents.

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