My deep rooted love of nature and animals inspires hikes with my husband, Morgan, my daughter, Celia, and my dog, Dulce. I observe. I align with the rhythms of nature and try to incorporate its flow to everything I do. This I believe to be one of the pillars of The Kidness: be plentiful in the ways that make us present. And being present is being conscious and awake in the now.

When I cook, I put full attention into the process of making a meal: from shopping for ingredients to the combinations, seasoning, washing of the vegetables, arranging of the colors and harmonizing of flavors. When I wake Celia up on a school day, I decide not to rush, but share the view of the willow tree through the window and the early morning sun offering its light as our first gift. Later, I walk Dulce to the park and I let her lie down on the grass covered with dew; she enjoys rolling on it and smelling the fresh scents. Have I lost that ability of stepping on the grass or the mud, squishing the wet softness in between my toes? The answer is The Kidness: to learn again by pausing and observing. At night, feeling gratitude for the day folding back into dreams, whispering blue notes, which in music composition are silent notes, and in life, they are the creative spaces we can discover with a simple plan: The Kidness.

There are steps to the program and we will simply introduce each of the seven days with a 2-minute video that will set the tone and jumpstart you. Once you and your child complete the seven days, you will be able to choose the order of the sessions according to the mood of your day. There will be a description of exercises and activities, step by step instructions on how to build props and alternative suggestions of where to get them. We will provide references of books and videos for further investigation, sketches to explore and revise dances and recommended music playlists to work with.

A guide to abound, touch, create, let go, let the moment be and let us be in the moment. The Kidness is to communicate our realities, to reveal, to practice the ways that can help us be unshadowed and resilient. The Kidness is a gentle structure to provide guidance. So when we get home from a long day of work and kids are tired, and the floor gets shaky from rushed steps aiming to end that day, we remind ourselves that this moment passes and it won’t come back, because we own the tools to turn it into a warm blanket that will protect us, embrace us and make us courageous in our togetherness.

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