Collecting Words: a playful exercise

Collecting Words: a playful exercise

– Cut out words from magazines. Any words: short, long, lower case, upper case, adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, visually impactful or not so much. You can do this in advance or share the craft with the children. 

– Once al the words are on the table, offer a sheet of paper to arrange the words in a certain manner: maybe there’s a story to be told, perhaps kids will find words they like and are able to read or that awake curiosity (you can have a dictionary available for looking up the meanings). 

– Limit the exercise to the words on the table. This means we shouldn’t write down and add other words: whatever children decide to tell with the cut-out words will come from what those words suggest and inspire (more than from a thinking process).

-Finally, read out loud. The results will be surprising and a lot of fun. Talk about the stories. You can illustrate them and even start a scrap book for further creations of stories, phrases, ideas, poems, and perhaps words to collect.

Two books -with the same title- to recommend:

– The word collector, by Sonja Wimmer

– The word collector, by Peter H. Reynolds