I have to introduce who I am: do I start by saying my name, my studies, defining myself as a graduate student, a teacher, a mother? I believe experiences, personal traits and the things we do define who we are, and mostly, describe the person who we want to be.

This is an introduction to Sabrina Lew Young. I have always been interested in health and movement; I have studied dance since I was very little, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born, and in New York City where I moved in 2006. From classical ballet with the amazing dancer and choreographer Carolina Herrera to jazz and contemporary, focusing on Isadora Duncan at Lori Belilove and the ID Dance Company in New York City. I danced tango at Escuela Argentina de Tango, La Viruta, and La Catedral for several years. I studied flamenco with world known dancers such as Marina Schampier, Alicia Fiuri, Nestor Spada and Sibila in Buenos Aires and I trained and taught with international dancer and performer Jorge Navarro at ArtsFlamenco New York.

It was in New York that my passion for creative movement and the exploration of mindful practices led me to yoga and meditation. I furthered my learning process by training in dance therapy with dancer, therapist and author Patricia Capello and international pioneer of dance therapy and movement psychotherapy Miriam Roskin Berger. I have been enjoying the learning and teaching path of adults and children for 15 years.

Another life-long passion of mine is storytelling. I studied creative writing with internationally renown Argentinian author and professor Felix della Paolera, friend of Jorge Luis Borges and Bioy Casares, and translator of Dylan Thomas and Henry James. Felix taught me that writing is all about showing through images more than telling in words. He was a beloved influence in my life who — after reading one of my first exercises in creative writing — told me “Sabrina, you have to write, don’t ever stop writing.” Since then, it’s been many years of writing short stories that have been recognized with multiple international awards, children’s stories, poetry, and a novel. I have been working on my self-published blog for six years: www.palabrasdelcamino.com

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